LANDLOG’s value is collaborative creation with our customers. We want to improve the productivity of the entire construction industry through the operation of an open platform.

President Kousaku Igawa

LANDLOG Ltd. was established in October 2017 by Komatsu Ltd., NTT DoCoMo, SAP Japan Corporation, and Optim, Inc. as an operating company that operates an open IoT platform that connects all the “things” data related to construction sites to improve productivity in the civil engineering and construction industry, which has been working on the industry’s IoT for many years.

Since its establishment, the company has been working on “Visualization IoT solution activities” to collect all kinds of data from construction sites and analyze the accumulated data to visualize them as valuable data, “Visualization IoT solution activities” to work closely with companies that provide applications for the civil engineering and construction industries to improve productivity, and “App provider activities” to improve productivity. We have three main guidelines: “Service Activities” and “LANDLOG Partner Activities” which aim to create new solutions with companies that agree with our concept, to contribute to digital innovation in the construction industry.

By following these guidelines on a daily basis, we will comprehensively transform the entire construction production process, from those directly related to the civil engineering and construction industry, such as data collection, device development, platform operation, application provision, and process management, to the indirectly related back office, to improve safety and productivity at construction sites across Japan and raise the bar for the industry as a whole.

We will continue to create new value together with all those involved in the civil engineering and construction industries.