IoT Platform LANDLOG has released the first APIs

LANDLOG Ltd. (President and Chief Executive Officer: Kosaku Igawa) has released the first APIs on its IoT platform “LANDLOG” for application development providers. LANDLOG is an open IoT platform that accumulates all jobsite data obtained from construction and production processes. The first release includes the basic functions used for all construction applications such as ID Management, Billing Management, Data Management, and Device Management.

LANDLOG accumulates the construction production data such as site topography, construction equipment, materials and vehicles, etc. and provides them in more useful formats to increase on-site productivity. The platform is scheduled to officially start at the end of February 2018. With APIs released today, application providers will be able to develop various applications that solve on-site problems in advance. The APIs are to be exclusively offered to a few partners, who meets our requirements and have signed confidentiality agreement. The APIs are provided as a web document.

We are planning to release new APIs regularly, including Topography API to acquire terrain information in various formats, Construction Machine API to acquire operating status and fuel status of construction machines, and Vehicle API to manage vehicles using smartphones. A user testing of Edge computer is also scheduled in the middle of December. Edge computer enables customers to convert photographs taken at the construction site to 3-dimensional data in a short time.

December, 2017