Personal Information Protection Policy

LANDLOG Ltd. Makes efforts below based on the belief that the proper protection of personal information is a corporate social responsibility.

  1. LANDLOG Ltd. shall only use personal information provided by its customers within a scope to achieve the following purposes:
    1. To execute contracts with customers
    2. To develop and provide better products and services
    3. To provide information to customers about the products and services handled by LANDLOG Ltd., and
    4. To execute other duties relevant to the above purposes
  2. LANDLOG Ltd. does not disclose or provide personal information about customers to third parties except in any of the following cases:
    • when the customer gives prior consent,
    • when designated to do so by laws or ordinances,
    • when the provision of personal information is necessary to protect life, physical injury, or the assets of a person, and when when consent from the customer is difficult to acquire, and
    • when prescribed to do so such as in a notification or directive from a government agency
  3. LANDLOG Ltd. will continually improve its personal information management system, including this policy, through employee education, appointment of information management supervisors as well as the execution of audits, while complying with the Personal Information Protection Act and other relevant laws and regulations.
  4. LANDLOG Ltd. will implement appropriate safety measures, as it strives to build a management system and implement reasonable technological and other initiatives to protect the personal information of customers from illegal access, revision, destruction, leaks, loss or any other misconduct.
  5. LANDLOG Ltd. responds, within a reasonable scope, to customer’s requests to confirm or revise his or her personal information. Please make any requests to the contact below.