Together with partners, we will transform the production process of civil and construction industry.

Three approaches for creating new value


Visualization by IoT solutions

Sublimation from simple “thing(Mono)” data to valuable “thing(Koto)” data

The data (power ON/OFF, rotation speed, position information, etc.) obtained from all “things(Mono)” related to construction production such as environment, terrain, materials and staff as well as construction equipment are collected in LANDLOG. We analyze various “things(Mono)” data on the construction site accumulated on the LANDLOG and process them into valuable “things(Koto)” data such as the amount of topographic changes and the work contents of the staff. By visualizing these “things(Koto)” data by various applications, it can be used as more valuable information.


Service activities for application providers

Accelerate innovation by encouraging providers to participate openly

By opening-up the “information collection, storage and analysis capabilities,” we are making it easier for the application providers to enter the market. A platform that allows a wide variety of providers to develop and implement applications based on their areas of expertise. That is what LANDLOG is all about. The new application will enable cooperation across industries and business types, speeding up the resolution of issues in the construction industry and creating new services with unprecedented value.


LANDLOG partner activities

Working together, we aim for coexistence and co-prosperity.
Building Ecosystems with Diverse Partners

There is a wide range of ecosystems that support the civil engineering and construction industry, including companies directly involved in the construction production process, as well as companies in different industries that are indirectly involved, and application providers. LANDLOG is engaged in a variety of activities to support the construction industry and to function as a platform that brings all forces together to support the industry.