An open platform that accelerates the pace of innovation for construction production processes using IoT


Creating innovation in construction production processes

Japan is currently facing a severe workforce shortage in the construction industry.
Since 2016, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport has been promoting “i-Construction,” aiming to improve productivity per skilled worker by 50% using ICT technology.

To achieve this goal, there is an urgent need to introduce ICT technology into the construction production processes, but there were many operational problems, such as data sharing among companies.
To maximize profit as well as productivity and safety at the construction job site, it becomes inevitable to cooperate with various companies with specialized technologies and introduce an open platform that securely accumulates and provides the whole construction production data.


Visualize all movement on the job sites and record them as meaningfully processed raw data

Even though traditional solutions were able to reduce costs by utilizing ICT construction equipment,
there were still many problems with judging situations and increasing productivity.

We need a platform that can accumulate all job site data such as environment,
site topography, materials, and manpower as well as construction equipment, in order to increase productivity and maximize profit.
Then, transform these data into a more useful form to provide for various applications.


A new field that generates innovation in the construction production processes

LANDLOG is an open IoT platform that accumulates all of the job site data through examination, land surveying, design, execution, maintenance, and processes.
Then provides these data in a more understandable format.

We collect big data from many companies and construction sites into LANDLOG via API.
Then analyze it with AI and provide it back to various application providers all over the world through our APIs.

LANDLOG is an open platform that provides IoT equipment,
communication and functions to accumulate, analyze and utilize job site data.


Innovation in construction production processes

IoT Device Partner

For partners who are developing IoT devices and wanting to connect to LANDLOG, we provide a connection service to the LANDLOG platform.
API makes it possible for partners to connect to the LANDLOG platform at a low cost and in a short period of time.

Solution Partner

For partners who already own their own platforms and want to develop a solution with data from LANDLOG, we provide the data linkage service.
Unlike regular API, partners should make an individual contract to use this service.

Application Development Partner

For partners who want to develop new applications using LANDLOG data, we provide API to retrieve data from IoT devices.
In addition to meaningfully processed raw data, we provide a variety of API functions such as ID management, billing management, marketplace, etc. to develop applications.


Maximizing profits with valuable data from construction job sites

President and Chief Executive Officer Kosaku Igawa

LANDLOG is a valuable open platform that improves the safety and productivity of job sites by utilizing data. LANDLOG works as an infrastructure that visualizes all movement obtained from the job sites via IoT equipment, then connects them together and records them as more meaningful and useful data.
In recent years, acquiring data mainly from ICT construction machines has become possible. However, to make the construction production processes more productive, it is necessary to know what kind of work has been actually carried out and how the site terrain has changed. LANDLOG collaborates with the IoT partners to collect data and convert it into more meaningful data with its original technology.
We believe that analysis of this big data yields the potential for significant improvement of job site conditions and productivity.
We provide valuable data for many application providers to accelerate the pace of innovation for construction production processes and bring tomorrow’s services to the construction worksites of the world.

We would like to promote the creation of "value" for the innovation in the construction production processes.


To provide 3D measurement technology for changing terrain and know-how on visualization of invested capital in construction production processes.

To provide LTE, LPWA, and 5G wireless communication technologies and services.

To provide Design Thinking and support new platform businesses with SAP Leonardo.

To provide know-how on the utilization of AI, IoT and Cloud IoT OS.



Corporate Name
Sumitomofudosan Shibadaimon 2-chome Bldg 12F 2-11-8 Shibadaimon,
Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0012
300 million Yen(As of October 16, 2017)
Business Term Ends
President and Chief
Executive Officer
Kosaku Igawa
Komatsu Ltd.
SAP Japan Co., Ltd.
OPTiM Corporation
Collect construction production process data,
Develop a platform that edits and accumulates data,
generate construction production process data,
develop a data generation system that analyzes and accumulates data.


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