Launch of LANDLOG Partner, a partner system that accelerates the transformation of the construction production process

To coincide with the official release of LANDLOG, an IoT platform that connects the entire construction production process, LANDLOG Corporation will begin offering a new program for its partner companies called LANDLOG Partner in April.


LANDLOG Partner” provides partner companies with access to the “LANDLOG Partner Portal”, information on training and other events, marketing support including the use of LANDLOG’s logo on the LANDLOG website, marketing support for LANDLOG We will provide benefits such as technical support for the Platform, device rental, participation in working groups and pricing benefits. This will accelerate the creation of solutions with our partner companies.


“LANDLOG Partner” partners are divided into the following three categories.

● Business Partner

Partners who will be the main business providers, proposing ways to use the platform in the construction and other industries.


● Solution Partner

Partners responsible for consulting, integration, solutions and data delivery to business partners for their business development needs


● IoT Device Partner

Partners who provide devices that run on LANDLOG platform.


We have already started discussing solutions ahead of time with several partners, including those in the civil engineering and construction fields, and will announce the details as soon as we are ready to release them.